Tuesday, April 7, 2009

North Korea grabbing the headlines


First of all, I would like to apologize for taking such a long time to update this blog. As I am currently in my final semester of my University/College studies, the seemingly endless load of school work has prevented me from updating my blog frequently. Nevertheless, my exams will be over soon and I look forward to sharing my strategic insights with the world.

I found it quite shocking that North Korean actually carried out its missile testing while facing the possibility of sanctions meted out by the UN security council. However, on thinking more deeply, this action is simply a way of North Korea reminding the world of her presence and urgent needs. More pressing issues such as the global financial crisis have long since pushed North Korea out the global news radar and it seems that North Korea is getting very worried about this happening.

By launching this missile, North Korea has perhaps made a serious strategic blunder by showing its urgency and rashness. United States can make use of North Korea's desperateness to convince Kim Yong-il to denuclearise his country in exchange for concessions. Nonetheless, as Sun Tzu advocates that a desperate army should not forced into a corner, care must be taken to not aggravate North Korea further during negotiations, as we simply do not know what bolder actions Kim Jong-il will take if talks break down.


Victor Tan said...

I have a little comment here though..

I read an article on Straits Times comment page that the said the North Koreans are actually the overall winners here.

North Korea have always been dependent on the foreign countries (esp China, Korea etc) for aid and support.

By doing so, they have a "soft" bargaining chip, for more aids and support... that is their nuclear weapons.

Think about it. Whenever NOrth Korea not happy with the foreign people for not supplying them what they need, they can use this nuclear weapons to "Gently" remind these pple..:)

Vom Kriege said...

Yes, that's the point I'm trying to bring across in my article. However, by this recent missile launch, the N.Koreans are also hinting that they're desperate for help. Thus, the US can make use of this show of weakness in their negotiations.

Rashness is a deadly sin in war. But perhaps Kim Jong-il has some other plans?